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Every successful business has a Unique Core Differentiator that makes them stand out from the crowd to increase sales and drive business growth.

A Unique Core Differentiator (or UCD) is something that clearly articulates what makes your business different from the rest. It could include special things about your product or service, or even your business process, but it needs to be something that will compel customers to buy from you. In essence, a successful UCD will target the real buying concerns and key frustrations of your customers and state the benefits of using your services.

To be effective, UCDs must be communicated as part of all of your marketing activities and should form the core of your business, permeating every area of the business operations in order to deliver on your promise of differentiation.

There are a number of reasons why you must develop a Unique Core Differentiator [or even multiple UCDs] as part your marketing strategy.

The process of developing your UCD will force you to understand exactly what your customer wants from your products, service and business process. Your UCDs will target your customer's hot buttons, their real buying concerns or their key frustrations in just one statement.

Unique Core Differentiators will improve the results that you achieve from your marketing strategies because you're forced to highlight the benefits of your product or service, rather than just highlighting the features in all of your marketing activities.

On top of that, a UCD will give a specific focus to your team a consistency of purpose in the way that they present themselves and deal with your customers in order to support what you've said differentiates you from the rest of the market.

Hopefully you can now see that an effective Unique Core Differentiator can significantly improve your business operations when it sits at the core of your entire business and the systems that you use. Not only that, it can increase your sales results by bringing new customers in and keeping them coming back again and again. A great UCD will mean you never have to compete on price again.

Some might confuse a Unique Core Differentiator with a tag line or jingle or even a Mission Statement, but in reality they are very different. For example, a construction company might implement a UCD that states, "We will pay you $100 for every day we go over the target completion date." This specific UCD targets the customers' key frustration with builders that the deadline is never met - and is a clear statement of what makes them stand out from their competitors. Remember, however, that actions will always speak louder than words when it comes to living up to your UCD claims.

There are three different types of Unique Core Differentiators that you can use.

An actual UCD can be used when there is something genuinely unique about your product or service something that no other business could possibly offer their customers.

You can create a UCD by developing a point of differentiation between your business and your competitors. If you can't differentiate your product, you should examine the way that you do business and find better guarantees to offer customers, a better in store experience, a better level of after sales service, or a better delivery system anything that makes your business unique from your competitors.

If you don't have anything in your business that is totally unique you will need to create a perceived UCD in order to convince the market that you are different from the rest, even if you�re not. This is a common strategy where you work in a highly competitive industry or niche. If you are the first to articulate a perceived difference even though your competitors might do the same you will stand out in the crowd as if you are truly unique.

Regardless of how you go about developing Unique Core Differentiators in your business, you will need to figure out what benefits you're providing, what key frustration you will be removing and what you are willing to do to go the extra mile to differentiate your business from your competitors. And remember that you can develop different UCDs for different products or market segments to make sure you are very targeted in your marketing strategies.

You might think that creating an effective Unique Core Differentiator is a difficult task, but that is not the case. All it takes is a little research and focus, and you will be on your way to increasing sales and growing your business. If you feel that you need help, ask your team, a trusted friend or even your customers for their opinions. Sometimes other people see more in your business than you do.

Developing A Unique Core Differentiator To Increase Sales And Grow Your Business