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Are you following a strategic marketing plan or are you just winging it?

Once you have a product or service to sell, you need a sales and marketing plan.

All too often we see businesses struggling due to the lack of a sales and marketing plan. It is not because you don't understand the need to generate sales - everyone knows you don't eat if you don't sell! 

As a business owner I would expect you to be a fantastic technical operator - you know your products and services inside out, and have complete belief in the quality of what you produce - but sometimes there is a lack of confidence in your ability to sell, or even a complete fear of the idea of selling.

As a result you can fall for the easy answer of paying for an advertisement in the same directory year after year or worse, pinning your faith in a marketing guru who will "do that selling thing" for you. The situation is only getting worse as the sales and marketing process moves into the murky world of the online market place.

Our message is that you need to take personal control of this most important element of your business model. Do not get hung up on the idea of selling - you don't need to turn yourself into a used car or insurance salesman to successfully market your products and services. All you need is an understanding of why your customers choose to buy from you, which customers you make the most profit from, and how to get more of those customer types buying from you.

While there is no doubt that you are the best person to sell your own products and services, the secret is to systemize the process so that the business is able to sell itself without you making a public fool of yourself.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Marketing Effectiveness

How well does your branding represent your business and how consistent is it throughout the business?

How effective are you at getting new customers of the type you most want?

How well do you retain existing customers and do you have a formal retention strategy?

How effective are your current promotion initiatives at reaching your target customers?

How effective is your sales strategy in converting enquiries to sales and maximizing the profitability of each sale transaction?

Do you have a formal pricing strategy? Are you a premium price business or do you compete on price?

Sales and Marketing Strategies

Effective Marketing Strategies To Drive Your Business Growth